We cannot import a very big database in MYSQL using PhpMyAdmin.

For this, we have another easy way.

First, locate for mysql.exe file. You can find it where you have installed MYSQL. In case you have installed XAMP that already has MySQL you will get it in the following folder.


Open the command prompt and go to the above directory. Type 

cd D:\xampp\mysql\bincode-box

Type  d: [press enter]

Now here you will connect to MYSQL. Type the following command:

mysql -u root -pcode-box

Enter password. Press enter if there is no password set.

Now you are connected to MYSQL

It's time to import the big file that you already have on your PC.

Make sure you already have created the databsae with the same name and it is empty.

Okay, one more tricky command

prompt @$fcode-box

Now we can write the import command

mysql -u root -p < d:\mydb\db.sql [FULL PATH OF TH FILE TO IMPORT]code-box

Press enter

Enter your password, and press enter. [NOTE: Press enter in case of no password]

Wait it will take some time, and we are done.

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