Hi, My name is Abdul Rahman Asim. I did my bachelor's in Software engineering back in 2004. Since then I m working on web applications. During my education period, I did work on multiple desktop applications, in fact most of my university and freelance projects were on VB 6.0, MSSQLServer 7.0, VB.NET, C# and on Win Forms.

Write from the beginning I realized the huge scope of web applications and started my first job where I used to code an online ticket booking website for an Airline using ASP and MS Access. It was a very tough ask back in 2006 with not much help and support on the web.

From that time and still today it's considered a bonus if you can work on object-oriented languages so I have to use C# as a code behind language with ASP.NET in my second office. There I worked on many web applications, created our own CMS(Content Management System), worked on XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, then MVC, LINQ, Azure and the journey continues today.

During these years I heard mostly about fronted development, UI, UX, UI/UX then comes Node.js to run JavaScript on the server then React, Vue, Angular, Next.js and many more. For last 6 months  I m learing frontend development and it was confusing how to start it. After some research on this frontend thing I found a learning path:

  • ES6 
  • Javascript module pattern 
  • Organize javascript code 
  • Introduction to Node.js 
  • Introduction to React 
  • Next.js 
  • Redux 
  • Express.js 
  • list in progress...

While I m learning new things on frontend development, I realized its a best time and idea to share my experience and what I m learing these days by writing some useful articles for my friends and for those who are seeking their career in programming and web development. I hope you will find it easy learing here and will enjoy all of my articles.